Case Prep Worksheet

(Complete Before Meeting With Your Attorney)


Image by AJ Cann (CC).

One of the best ways to reduce your costs of litigation and to ensure that you achieve the best outcome is to come prepared to every meeting with your attorney. It is also critical that you provide full disclosure on the facts of your case; this does not mean that those facts will be shared in court, but it does mean that your attorney will be prepared in case they are revealed.

To assist prospective clients with preparing to meet with the attorneys at The Law Office of Natalie Gregg, we ask that they complete a Case Preparation Worksheet.


You can download it here:

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How does COVID-19 affect my case or court order?

There have been several emergency orders issued by the Collin County District Courts, Dallas County District Courts, Denton County Districts, Tarrant County Districts, and the Supreme Court of Texas. Click the link below to learn more.