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The primary resource that the Law Office of Natalie Gregg offers to current and prospective clients, as well as those who have questions related to family law, is its Family Law Blog that is regularly updated. Click here to read the blog.

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What to Expect (and NOT Expect) in Texas Family Law

Additionally, the information below was developed by others and is provided as a courtesy, without endorsement. This list of resources represents general information on matters related to family law, and neither constitutes nor is intended to be legal advice. Please be advised that if you need legal counsel, you should consult an attorney regarding your individual situation.

We offer this page as a resource to those who are involved in matters of family law:

Additionally, Dallas County residents can find Dallas County court records and lookup Dallas County case numbers here.

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Read this one: “Top 10 Questions Asked at First Consult,” by Natalie Gregg

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