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Thinking About A Prenuptial Agreement?

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Have you decided to enter into a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married, but you are unsure of the process?

A prenuptial or premarital agreement can be a source of comfort for some individuals; however, it can be a complicated and stressful process. Having a dedicated team of divorce lawyers to help draft a premarital agreement can help save future costs and stressful litigation in the event of a divorce. 

Who Needs A Prenuptial Agreement?

Despite popular belief, premarital agreements or prenups are not just for the wealthy. Many couples today are turning to them for various reasons, including:

  • Pass down separate property to children from prior marriages
  • Define financial rights
  • Protection from debts
  • Safeguard against disputes if a divorce happens in the future

If you need experienced divorce lawyers to help you with a prenuptial agreement or if you’ve entered into on that contains fraudulent information or was signed under duress, The Law Office of Natalie Gregg will represent you and fight for your rights.

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