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Affairs have only become easier with Smartphones. There are a multitude of apps that facilitate and promote adultery.  The thoughtful development of these apps is disturbing to say the least.  If you discover that your better half is using any of the top 7 cheating apps, you need to rethink fidelity and consult a divorce lawyer because your sneaking suspicion is probably accurate.

1. Fox Private Messages– There are three scenarios when this can be helpful for the unfaithful spouse to erase illicit sexts or even flirtatious banter between the “other woman” and her man. First, if wife asks to see what husband was texting, with the shake of the phone, Fox clears all texts away.  Second, if you leave your phone with your husband, say at the dinner table when you leave to go to the restroom, and your” boyfriend” has sent naughty texts, you can send a text message to a passcode to instantly erase the sexts.  Finally, Fox also provides a hidden list of messages should you care to read your side-piece’s messages for posterity. Three for the price of one.

2.  Blackbook-When the phone rings, if your lover is in the “Blackbook” list, his number will        appear not with his iPhone contact, but rather with a smoke screen; You can’t find this app on the phone without a secret code. So, if your snoopy spouse is watching who’s ringing your phone late at night, all they get is smoke- and mirrors.

3. Vaulty Stocks- Literally, this app has an icon that looks like the stock market sign. Your spouse will never be the wiser as she thinks those juicy photos, video and messages are just S&P stock numbers and not communications between you and your paramour. The Google Play reviews brag, “No one will ever know that you have anything to hide.”

Better call back that secret text with one of the 7 apps!

Better call back that secret text with one of the 7 apps!


4. CATE- This SharkTank app is designed for IPhones and Androids as a Call and Text Eraser; It touts, “save your marriage with privacy.” While in ‘Stealth Mode’ the app operates in the background of your phone, and is 100% undetectable. There is no icon in your task bar, and Task Killer apps cannot even see the app running. Plus, reviews of this app brag that CATE uses virtually no battery life. At least cheaters don’t have to recharge their iPhones at the expense of their honesty issues

5. Tiger Texts-Named after a professional cheater, Tiger Woods, Tiger Texts allow you to self-destruct messages by recalling them with a special code. His parents must be proud for this nod to his uber public infidelity.

6.  Keep Safe/Hide it Pro/Vault- These apps for iPhones allow you to hide any photos, video, and text messages on the Android. Equally disturbing that this exists, are website out there explaining how to hack in the restore these hidden photos, video and text messages.  Nothing is sacred.

7.   Slydial- This app allows you to call and the telephone call goes straight to voicemail to allow the recipient to review their mistress’s messages out of the earshot of your wife.

In this age of high-tech cheating, all bets are off.  Stock apps are not stock projections.  Calls  from lovers appear as secret.  Just like the spy movies, we can recall messages, shake a phone to make them disappear, and hide icons so that nobody would suspect that there were deceitful dealings under the surface.  Divorce lawyers can assist clients with forensic evaluations of cell phones to uncover these secret messages, apps, photos and video.  If you suspect infidelity, let your attorney know so that you engage in a proper investigation.