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Top 10 Things to Bring to a Temporary Orders Hearing*

As you prepare for a temporary orders hearing in a family law case, here are the top ten things that you need to bring to prepare yourself:

  1. Financial Information Statement – This document summarizes expenses and income flowing in and out of the household from daycare, mortgage payments to the utilities after the net income in order to establish child support, spousal support and to set social study fees in some jurisdictions such as Dallas.
  2. Summary of Requested Relief– This document summarizes what you want from the judge in a one-page, succinct manner so that there is no guesswork. It also saves the parties time on the stand trying to articulate what you want.
  3. Proof of Income – W-2’s or 1099’s to demonstrate your income for the previous 2 years.
  4. Tax Returns – Income tax returns to confirm your taxable income for the previous 2 years.
  5. Recent Pay Stubs – Give the judge a snapshot of what you are making in the 2-4 months prior to hearing; it is arguably a more accurate exhibit of your current earnings than tax returns or W-2’s.
  6. Photographs of your children/home – “A picture says a thousand words.”  Hopefully, you can dig out some smiley, happy photos of your kiddos and your house on a clean day.
  7. Business Records –  Bring medical records, psychological records, bank records and contracts relevant to your lawsuit; they need a Business Records affidavit 14 days prior to hearing to make them admissible.
  8. Names of the professionals you need – Use the professionals whom your attorney recommends, including mediators, business valuation specialists, child custody evaluators, and psychological evaluation doctors.
  9. Pleadings on file – Make sure that you read your petition and the other side’s counterpetition so that you know what you are asking for at Temporary Orders. Understand what legal theories you are using or defending against so that you are comfortable with the lingo.
  10. Witnesses – While you should be prepared to bring neighbors, teachers, family and friends, no judge wants to hear the same testimony from ten different witnesses that you are a good mom or dad.  Be careful with whom you choose and have a different reason for the unique testimony/perspective that each witness can provide for the judge.  Be mindful of others’ time and save the big lineup for trial, not temporary orders.

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