5 Reasons Why There are No Winners In Divorce

No one can declare victory in divorce. One party may get more custody or more money, but nobody wins. You once had something whole, and now it is divided. Whether that is half of your 401k or half of your children’s time, you … Continue reading

Divorce Readiness Questionnaire

Here are 10 Simple, True-or-False questions to ask if you are considering divorce (a follow-up to my previous blog, “Should I get divorced?“): True or False.  In the six months, my spouse has changed their exercise, dress and grooming regime to … Continue reading

Should I get divorced?

Question: I’m not sure that I want a divorce. Things have been bad for a while, but I am still hanging on. Sometimes, I feel like it is over, but then I think of the kids, our house—our life. Is … Continue reading