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Should I get divorced?

Should I get divorced? *

Question: I’m not sure that I want a divorce. Things have been bad for a while, but I am still hanging on. Sometimes, I feel like it is over, but then I think of the kids, our house—our life. Is divorce really worth it?

AnswerI don’t sell divorce. I will not convince you that your spouse is worthless, abusive, lacking in everything that you find valuable & good in this world– and I will never try to convince you that you need to leave your spouse. If you can’t answer that question yourself, then you probably need to consult with a counselor instead of an attorney.

However, bear in mind that a marriage counselor or family therapist advocates for the relationship …. and therefore the unit of both husband and wife, together. If you want a counselor that advocates for you and for your best interests as an individual, then I recommend a therapist who does cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy or referral of a therapist from a family physician. Look on your health insurance plan and find out if mental health coverage is available and find a provider inside your network to start with.

Focus on your family. Determine whether it can be preserved. Above all, consider your choice very carefully — definitely take our Divorce Readiness Questionnaire and carefully review our section on “What to Expect (and NOT to Expect) in Family Law” before you resolve to get divorced.

But once you are certain that you are ready to pull the trigger, call me.

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