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One of the first questions that family law clients ask is, “How much is this going to cost me?

This is particularly the case after they review the timeline for procedures in family law. Once they realize that their case could take months to resolve, their mental calculator starts projecting the costs — and many rightfully cringe.

Avoiding high costs is one of the many reasons that we strongly encourage our clients to consider mediation over trial. The process can be less expensive while also delivering better outcomes to both parties.

However, in order to promote better transparency, the Law Office of Natalie Gregg has compiled this list of filing fees in Texas family law courts. This list was accurate as of May 2012; this is not a guarantee of fees and should be used merely as a guide; please also see note below regarding the nature of these fees. 

Filing Fees for Family Law in North Texas - by the Law Office of Natalie Gregg

Please note this is just a reference, and is not necessarily indicative of the current costs. Those can only be found directly on the sites of the courts themselves, which are listed below.

(NOTE: Filing fees are paid directly to the district or county clerk and must be paid in the form of a check or cash for Dallas and Collin County.  Currently, only Tarrant County and Denton County accept credit card, and charge a convenience fee for doing so.  Likewise, the above-referenced filing fees do not include the costs of hiring an attorney, drafting the documents or service on the opposing party. These are only the mandatory fees that you are required to pay upon filing the actual documents with the district clerk’s office.)

To verify each county’s family law filing fees, please visit their websites: