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Top Ten Things to Tell your Lawyer in the First Consultation

Top Ten Things to Tell your Lawyer in the First Consultation *

Before you walk into the match, and step into the boxing ring, please consider telling your family lawyer the whole truth. Not telling your lawyer the whole truth in the first interview can be like sending your lawyer into the ring without her gloves on.

So, consider answering the following ten questions before the interview. Share these with your lawyer so that you can get a fair “fight.” Even if your lawyer forgets to ask some of these questions, offer your list of answers to the following:

1. What is the worst thing that somebody would say about you, even if it weren’t true?

2. Do you have any friends in common with the other party? Would they testify against you?

3. Do you have a criminal record?

4. Have you ever been treated for mental illness, addiction or placed in a treatment center for mental health issues?

5. Have you ever had another lawyer for this case? If so, why are you sitting in this office?

6. Do you have a CPS history?

7. Do you have any other children that either a) don’t live with you and/or b) you are not financially supporting?

8. Have you ever been involved in other litigation? What was the result?

9. Are you telling the truth?

10. Have you forgotten to tell me anything that would be integral in representing you or understanding who you are?

* (Image licensed via Creative Commons)