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new-year-resolutionNext year, I resolve to be..thinner, healthier, more budget conscious?

Instead, what about to be a better co-parent?

Challenge yourself in the new year to work with your ex to support your children financially, emotionally, spiritually and to respect the other parent’s value system while maintaining your own set of rules and expectations.

You know when your mother always said, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?” Well the same is true with co-parenting.

Through gritted teeth and sighs, simply refrain from saying the nasty (but sometimes true) things that you would like to share with your children. This will preserve your children’s childhood and let them love without your judgment.

As a wise associate judge in Dallas County once said, “you can love your children and hate your spouse, but you can’t do both.”

I know. Much easier said than done.

* (Image c/o Creative Commons)