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Honorée Corpron Corder

Honorée Corpron Corder

Following is an interview between family law attorney Natalie Gregg and author / blogger / coach Honorée Corpron Corder. You can also follow her on Twitter 

Natalie: Honorée, for those who haven’t heard of your 100-day plan, what is it?

Honorée:  My 100-Day Plan is a goal- and vision-based plan someone can use to drill down what’s important to them – and then get it!

Natalie:  How did you develop the 100-day plan?

Honorée: I developed the 100-Day Plan because (a) I hate math and (b) I wanted a simple system that related easily with %-to-goal, i.e., if I want to make $100,000 in 100 days, based on what day it is, I know whether I’m on track, ahead or behind, and by how much (percentage-wise). Does that make sense?

Natalie:  Yes, thank you. Now, what is your favorite success story from women who have read your book and used your plan?

Honorée: One of the moms, Nanette Labastida, read the book and actually did the plan by herself. She paid off her debt, massively increased her real-estate business, and bought a new car! Then, she became on the first certified Facilitators for the Single Mom Transformation Program.

Natalie: What inspired you to write this book?

Honorée Corpron Corder

Honorée Corpron Corder's "The Successful Single Mom"

Honorée: I saw an Oprah Show where she was doing make-overs. When one of the ladies was being introduced, she was also a single mom, Oprah said, “Of course she’s a schlumpadink! She’s a single mom, so she’s focusing on work, her kids, the house…everything but herself.” I thought that wasn’t true in my case, and it didn’t need to be true about other single moms. In fact, I thought, “I’m pretty successful, and I’m looking pretty good…maybe I should write a book to encourage other single moms who haven’t quite gotten their mojo back after divorce.” I was quite tired of hearing, “Oh, you’re a single mom.” Like people felt sorry for me, or something. We all know being a single mom is the toughest job in the world, but when you’re doing it, you’re just doing it. Many times, you’re doing it great, I might add!

Natalie: For those of us who like to implement action plans, do you teach classes, and if so when and where?

Honorée: I actually do one-on-one executive coaching (my “real” job) with senior-level professionals, mostly service providers (like attorneys!). I also do training in these same service firms around rainmaking and business development, organization, time-management, and networking.

Natalie:  Who facilitates the classes, and are you looking for professionals to help ?

Honorée: We just certified our first four Facilitators for the Single Mom Transformation Program. We’re looking for others who have hearts for single moms (and single dads) and want to become facilitators in their cities. So far, we have three in Dallas and one in Austin, but we’re expanding to include the east and west coast and everywhere in-between.

Natalie: Since you have published this book, The Successful Single Mom, Get Your Life Back and Your Game On, have you thought about the single dads out there?

Honorée: Yes, I just finished the first draft of The Successful Single Dad, and I’m interviewing single dads so I can include their stores in the book. It should be out by Father’s Day!