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Image from Business Insider

In a city where marrying for money is a skill rather than a downfall, the Beal divorce untangles.

Scene: Dallas courts. (Shhhh. The court record is sealed- the good ones always are).

Players: Andy Beal, age 58 (richest man in Dallas of Beal Bank Plano-based and Las Vegas-based) and his attorney Rod Phelan vs. Simona Beal, age 34, and her attorney Larry Friedman.

Time: Now.

Money at stake: BILLIONS. (Tiger Woods only paid $100 million and was dirty, dirty; Mr. Beal on the other-hand has allegedly no indiscretions)

Children: 4

Years of Marriage: 14

Check List:

  • Pre-Nup… YES
  • Post-Nup… YES

Question: In a fourteen-year marriage, with a premarital agreement and postmarital agreement, what is there left to litigate?

Answer: Wife wants $5 billion dollars with exemplary damages, making allegations of a “sexual nature” and additionally saying that Beal’s company agent raided her home and stole information related to this litigation. Husband is firm that he did not have relations outside of the marriage.

Moral of the Story: You can’t be too careful. Even when you plan ahead, you may land yourself in court. Even a man who competed with NASA and played excellent high-stakes professional poker, still played a wild-card with this woman. Marrying beauty and youth has its detractions.