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The Law Office of Natalie Gregg provides dedicated legal representation to clients in Collin County, Texas, and throughout other areas in the state. They focus on family law, generally handling cases that involve divorce, child custody and adoption.

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Hiring the expert legal services of The Law Office of Natalie Gregg is the first step toward understanding the process of divorce. 

Property Division Specialist.  The Law Office of Natalie Gregg

Property Division

We work hard to achieve a fair division of property since financial security is important for your future.

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Child Custody

Our team is highly qualified and experienced in child support in the state of Texas. 


Our team can help with the filing of modifications; taking the stress off of you and getting you closer to resolution.

Premarital Agreements

Premarital Agreements

We can help you in completing a premarital agreement to ensure it is understood and,

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Protecting Your Most Precious Asset, Your Family.

The Law Office of Natalie Gregg is exclusively focused on the practice of family law, and our mission is to provide North Texas families with the support, guidance, and advocacy that they need to overcome the complex emotional and financial issues associated with family law.

The Law Office of Natalie Gregg is exclusively focused on the practice of divorce and family law in Dallas, Collin, Tarrant and Denton Counties in Texas.

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Natalie Gregg

Natalie Gregg

Managing Partner

Natalie Gregg received her J.D. from the Dedman School of Law at the Southern Methodist University (SMU) in DallasTexas in 2003. She previously completed a B.A. in English and graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the same university in 2000. Natalie is rated among the top 2.5% of attorneys by Texas Super Lawyers for the past five years in a row (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017).

Natalie is a compassionate champion for families. Licensed by the State Bar of Texas, she is an experienced family lawyer who is focused on preserving families through the transitions of divorce, child custody and post-divorce modifications. 

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Sarah Rose

Sarah Rose


Sarah is a passionate and compassionate advocate for her clients, especially during the turmoil that exists in many family law cases. She is also a certified mediator, parent facilitator, and parent coordinator.

Sarah graduated cum laude from Texas Tech University School of Law in 2011 and earned her Master of Public Administration at that same time. Sarah has earned Texas Super Lawyers Rising Star award in 2019, 2020, and 2021 and the Lawyers of Distinction award in 2020.

Since law school, Sarah has focused on assisting families in transition through divorce, paternity, changes in custody, prenuptial agreements, small estate plans, and probate and guardianship cases. She has handled more than a hundred cases, including numerous final trials, mediations, and informal settlements. Sarah successfully represents husbands, wives, parents, grandparents, and adoptive parents. She has also successfully brought and defended cases in the 2nd and 5th Courts of Appeals in Texas.

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Getting Reimbursed from the Other Parent for Unreimbursed Healthcare Expenses

Getting reimbursed for your children’s unreimbursed healthcare expenses, or those expenses that are not covered by your child’s insurance policy, from the other parent requires that you be responsible for maintaining well-documented records of such healthcare...

How does COVID-19 affect my case or court order?

How does COVID-19 affect my case or court order?   Updated March 24, 2020 with new Collin County Order   Updated March 25, 2020 with new Supreme Court of Texas Order   Ongoing Cases   As of March 23, 2020, there have been several emergency orders issued by...

Questions to Have Ready for Your Initial Consult with a Divorce Attorney

Coming to the decision of filing for divorce or being confronted with the idea of a divorce by your spouse is a daunting and emotional moment.  To ensure that your meetings with prospective attorneys to represent you is time well spent, we suggest you create a list of...

What Does It Mean to Have a Child-Centered Divorce?

The concept of a child-centered divorce is really quite simple. It is a divorce in which both parents put the needs of their children first and foremost. The execution of a child-centered divorce, however, can be challenging. The Goal of a Child-Centered Divorce The...

Can I Kick my Spouse out of the House?

Not necessarily, and unfortunately, the answer is “it depends.” Without a compelling reason, such as physical violence, you and the opposing party will need to coexist in the marital home, even after you file for divorce. The good news is that you can get...

F*#$ Divorce

Everyone wants it, and everyone believes they will get it; but rarely does it ever feel like it happens - a fair divorce. Fair is the “F” Word in divorce. Whether you are the one initiating the divorce process or are the one who cannot believe it is...

Drug and Alcohol Testing: The Proof is in The Nail … Blood … Urine

It seems that rarely a day goes by without news of how alcohol, drug addiction, and the opioid crisis are leaving a path of emotional destruction across the United States. In family law, we see how this issue impacts and complicates the already difficult...

The Gray Divorce: When Forever Seems Too Long

According to the Wall Street Journal, Gray Divorce is on the rise. “With life expectancy on the rise and seniors staying active for longer, there has been an increasing number of “gray divorces,” or couples separating after long-term marriages.” In the...

Is gambling a reason for divorce?

We all know someone who has suffered with an addiction. It is not easy to be in any relationship where one person is out of control. It is even more difficult when one person’s addiction affects the marriage and the family. This is true with drugs,...

Is collaborative law divorce right for you?

Collaborative law divorce is a way to shift the focus from "fight and win" to  a “solve problems through negotiation” mindset and structure. In a collaborative law divorce you and your spouse use mediation and negotiations to settle your divorce. You both...

Women more likely to be unprepared for divorce

A 2015 study published in Psychology Today says that women initiate divorce 70 percent of the time. However, new statistics from CNBC say that women are not financially prepared for divorce. This combination makes the end of marriage among the top...

Dads Can Do It Too- Being Primary: Guest Blog from a Former Client

I am a dad of 3 daughters. No big deal, right? There are lots of dads with daughters. I am single. Still no big deal. With the divorce rate so high, there are plenty of divorced dads with daughters. Between my 3 daughters, there are 2 mothers.  Daughters 1 and 2, one...

Why Collaborative Law Makes Sense: “A Better Way to Untie the Knot”

The words graceful, healthy and divorce do not go together. The first words clients use to describe the process of divorce are typically words of war: FIGHT, CUSTODY BATTLE, and WINNING. I would like to present a concept to you that is a kinder, gentler way to get...

7 Apps that Help High-Tech Cheating: Affairs on the Smartphone Just Got Easier

Affairs have only become easier with Smartphones. There are a multitude of apps that facilitate and promote adultery.  The thoughtful development of these apps is disturbing to say the least.  If you discover that your better half is using any of the top 7 cheating...

Mediation: Choosing Not to Shake the Magic 8 Ball at Trial

Every good ending has a hard-won and sometimes difficult beginning. Mediation is no different.  The process of ending a marriage in one day of negotiations is gut-wrenching, tragic and emotionally exhausting.  And I’m just speaking from the perspective of being the...

Be Careful What you Ask For: Why You May Reconsider Giving Your Ex More Time with Your Kids

I am paid to “fight for custody” of children, to represent parents who want the majority of access with their children- sometimes at a great cost. I watch clients walk through divorce and then live out the consequences of their choices.  Many times, clients will not...

Another satisfied client!

It is always rewarding when our Firm can help guide clients through one of the toughest experiences they will ever go through in life.  It is our mission at The Law Office of Natalie Gregg to assist our clients with grace and to help clients navigate through the...

Spousal Maintenance in Texas: Myth, Dream or Reality?

Not all states are made equal.  This is especially true with spousal maintenance.  California and New York are great states to be in if you poll divorcees about their maintenance awards.  But Texas falls short in the spousal maintenance arena.  And just as you cannot...

10 Questions To Ponder Before Your Initial Divorce Consultation  

Tomorrow, Jessica Perroni is appearing on "The Jury Is Out" on KVIG Radio to discuss this... By: Jessica Perroni and Heather White What percentage of your cases are in the county where I live? Generally speaking, if you are planning to file for...

Defining a Complex Divorce: There is No “TRY”— only “DO”

There is no TRY in divorce.  That doesn’t stop clients from trying to fix their own problems before even asking for help.  When a client walks into my office for a first consult with a printed spreadsheet detailing the division of the estate, I am impressed and...

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law divorce is a way to shift the focus from “fight and win” to  a solve problems through negotiation” mindset and structure. In a collaborative law divorce you and your spouse use mediation and negotiations to settle your divorce. You both get the benefit of legal advice, but you have more control over the timeline and process. Watch our video to learn more.

Client Testimonials

“I retained the Natalie Gregg law firm to handle my divorce. They did a fantastic job with each and every step of the process. Everything was clearly explained and executed in a timely cost-effective manner. Never once did they try to push me in a direction that I did not want to go or attempt to run up billable hours. They paid attention to how I preferred certain aspects of the proceedings to be handled and made every effort to accommodate my wishes. Natalie and her staff were at all times prompt, respectful and professional to me as well as my ex. I highly recommend this firm for family law needs and I will be using them again in the future.”


I hired Natalie for a high conflict divorce case with kids that another lawyer botched. Natalie’s knowledge, intelligence, and her tenacity helped us get a much better outcome than we expected. She works very diligently on behalf of her client and knows the law-her personality helps because she is also realistic and is concerned about the children. Highly recommended!!!!.”

John Gannon

“I was involved in a high conflict divorce and custody case and I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to walk me through the difficult time! She was very well organized, knew the best way to approach each situation, was very thorough, and made sure I was comfortable with the end result. I will definitely use her in the future.”

Andrea Gamble

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How does COVID-19 affect my case or court order?

There have been several emergency orders issued by the Collin County District Courts, Dallas County District Courts, Denton County Districts, Tarrant County Districts, and the Supreme Court of Texas. Click the link below to learn more.