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In her book, The New Single, Tamsen Fadal is gorgeous, successful and of all things- a professional matchmaker and award-winning journalist, who is getting divorced.  She explains the embarrassment,  the feeling of failure, and the fear of being alone in New York City during her divorce.  In her post-divorce recovery manual, Ms. Fadal encompasses subjects ranging from guides on your new wardrobe, your new diet, and how to fall in love with yourself before the next man in your life.

While her antidote to divorce is glossy and simplified, there is no room in her world for “woe-is-me” victimhood or time to cry in fetal position.  Instead, she lays out a practical path to recovery. In this non-judgmental formula for change, our author gives the loving nudge or kick in the pants that you may need to end the wallowing.

Fadal tells her reader how to survive the split-up and to start over, 90-days at a time.  Our divorce diva, as author and trusted friend, tells the New Single to embrace who you are today and to radiate confidence.  Translation: “be yourself” and “fake it til ya make it.”  Self-care is a theme as well.  If you don’t have your health, a career, and financial freedom, what do you have? Her advice is chopped up into small, literary soundbites for easy digestion.  She includes checklists, quotes from trusted experts, and chapters that explain how to discern “Mr. Right from Mr. Right Now.”

The New Single quotes her father, “It is better to be alone than lonely with someone.”  These words of wisdom and truth that only can be uttered by a woman who has conquered the state of existing in both worlds and finding that being alone is preferable until you fully heal.  http://www.zimbio.com/watch/hP08f9Mnh8F/Five+Common+Mistakes+After+Breakup+Divorce/Tamsen+Fadal