5 Suprising Lessons I Learned from My Own Divorce

Behind the scenes: divorce lawyer turned client and how it impacts my practice to make divorce easier for my clients.

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5 Reasons Why There are No Winners In Divorce

No one can declare victory in divorce. One party may get more custody or more money, but nobody wins. You once had something whole, and now it is divided. Whether that is half of your 401k or half of your children’s time, you … Continue reading

Natalie Gregg on Cover of Texas Super Lawyers

We are proud to announce that our managing partner, Natalie Gregg, was recently profiled in Texas Super Lawyers. The cover article, “Hopeless Romantic,” is cited below. To book an appointment with Natalie Gregg, please fill out this contact form or call The … Continue reading

Who gets the engagement rings in a divorce? (VIDEO)

We recently published a blog entitled, “Give me my RING back! (Who gets the wedding rings in a divorce?).” We suggest that anyone asking this question consider reading it to learn our perspective on this common challenge. Some of the … Continue reading

Business Leader Spotlight Show profiles Natalie Gregg

We are grateful that Rich Spalding from the Business Leader Spotlight Show chose to profile our managing partner, Natalie Gregg, for the show. You can listen to it below or click here. … Continue reading

C’est la vie, y’all: Does Texas or France Get Divorce Right?

In Texas, we do everything big, so why not divorce? In the land of McMansions, over-sized SUV’s and ten gallon cowboy hats, divorce proves to be as big and colorful as our very state. While I am familiar with other … Continue reading

Natalie Gregg named one of Top 10 Family Lawyers under the age of 40!

Thank you to the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys for naming our managing partner, Natalie Gregg, one of the Top 10 family lawyers under the age of 40! … Continue reading

Dust to Dust: Will Disappearing Text Apps Revolutionize Divorce?

This article originally appeared in The Huffington Post, as Mark Cuban shared on Twitter.  Dust to Dust: Will Disappearing Text Apps Revolutionize Divorce? http://t.co/BqKb659ZBn via @HuffPostDivorce — Mark Cuban (@mcuban) July 28, 2014 As a family lawyer, I have seen everything … Continue reading

A Message for Engaged Couples or Second Marriage Romantics

Why do we spend more time agonizing over buying a house than we do preparing to get married? Often at the first divorce consult when I ask, ”What was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” I wonder, could we have prevented … Continue reading

Meet our team

Thank you to our friends at Allen Image for profiling our firm in their upcoming issue. We are proud to introduce the community to the full team here at the Law Office of Natalie Gregg (from left to right): Amy Woodruff, Legal … Continue reading