Should children decide which parent to live with in divorce?

Question:            My 11-year old does not want to see her father on the weekends overnight.  Do I have to let her go? Would you let her eat chocolate cake for every meal? I hope not.  Would you let her … Continue reading

How long does it take to get divorced in Texas?

“When will this thing be over?” If you find yourself asking your attorney “are we THERE yet?,” you need to know whether the delay is being caused by your lawyer, the other party, the other lawyer, or just the process. … Continue reading

What to Expect (and what not to) in Family Law

What to Expect …                                                                         … Continue reading

Top Ten Common Myths in Family Law

Download this entire document as a PDF here. 1. I want “full custody” of the children. In Texas, the magic legal words are “conservatorship” and “access.” Conservatorship is the bundle of rights and duties that accompany being a parent; for … Continue reading

Timeline for Procedures in Family Law

Timeline for Procedures in Family Law by Natalie Gregg Download this entire document as a PDF here (). File the petition or request for relief- Your attorney goes to the courthouse, pays the filing fee and asks the court for … Continue reading

You can love your kids or hate your spouse- but you can’t do both

Headlines this week: “Woman arrested for parental alienation in New York.” Mom, who had primary custody of her two daughters, was accused of programing her children to hate their father. Mom made the father come to her driveway for Hanukkah … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions

Next year, I resolve to be..thinner, healthier, more budget conscious? Instead, what about to be a better co-parent? Challenge yourself in the new year to work with your ex to support your children financially, emotionally, spiritually and to respect the … Continue reading

The Do’s and Don’ts of Testifying in a Family Case

While the “Law and Order” or Denny Krane cross-examination is the stuff television audiences crave, judges do not revel in drama. As the one in the hot seat, certain courtroom decorum is appropriate and can make or break your case. … Continue reading