Why Collaborative Law Makes Sense: “A Better Way to Untie the Knot”

The words graceful, healthy and divorce do not go together. The first words clients use to describe the process of divorce are typically words of war: FIGHT, CUSTODY BATTLE, and WINNING. I would like to present a concept to you … Continue reading

Mediation: Choosing Not to Shake the Magic 8 Ball at Trial

Every good ending has a hard-won and sometimes difficult beginning. Mediation is no different.  The process of ending a marriage in one day of negotiations is gut-wrenching, tragic and emotionally exhausting.  And I’m just speaking from the perspective of being … Continue reading

10 Questions To Ponder Before Your Initial Divorce Consultation  

Tomorrow, Jessica Perroni is appearing on “The Jury Is Out” on KVIG Radio to discuss this… By: Jessica Perroni and Heather White What percentage of your cases are in the county where I live? Generally speaking, if you are planning … Continue reading

Defining a Complex Divorce: There is No “TRY”— only “DO”

There is no TRY in divorce.  That doesn’t stop clients from trying to fix their own problems before even asking for help.  When a client walks into my office for a first consult with a printed spreadsheet detailing the division … Continue reading

10 Reasons that You Should Not Represent Yourself in Divorce: Doing it Right the First Time and the Pitfalls of “No Contest” Divorces

There are somethings you can afford to cross your fingers and hope to get right without much effort.  Divorce is not one of them.  Too often, I get hired to “fix” the wrongs of a couple who thought (admirably so), … Continue reading

5 Suprising Lessons I Learned from My Own Divorce

Behind the scenes: divorce lawyer turned client and how it impacts my practice to make divorce easier for my clients.

Continue reading

Who gets the engagement rings in a divorce? (VIDEO)

We recently published a blog entitled, “Give me my RING back! (Who gets the wedding rings in a divorce?).” We suggest that anyone asking this question consider reading it to learn our perspective on this common challenge. Some of the … Continue reading

How to Submit Unreimbursed Medical Expenses to Your Child’s Other Parent

The following was written by Melissa Cason, family lawyer with the Law Office of Natalie Gregg. Unless your order says otherwise, the Court requires submission of unreimbursed medical expenses (all of your child’s medical expenses that are not covered by … Continue reading

What Child Support Does NOT Cover

Nobody said that raising children was cheap.  While we have child support in Texas specifically to help with raising children and addressing their financial needs, even maximum child support at times does not address the “extras” that many of my … Continue reading

The “F” Word in Family Law

There are times in family law when we try to avoid the “F” word — FAIR.  When you go before the judge, what is fair and just sometimes does not translate through the law. Example: Mom (Ashley) goes AWOL after … Continue reading